Meet Our Board Of Directors...

Leonor Hipólito

President and founder

Leonor Hipólito was born in Guerrero, Mexico.

Despite not having a formal education, as a child, Leonor has been interested in the world of sales, finances and support activities for her community.

Arriving in the United States at age 17, and without knowing how to read or write in her mother tongue, Leonor overcame difficulties and promised herself that she would do everything possible so that her children could obtain the education she would have liked to have. She was able to achieve all of this with thanks to the support of her family and training in various leadership academies and self-improvement courses. In addition, she has worked with several companies, where she stood out with her teamwork skills.

With her early interest in supporting her community, she prompted herself to set a goal to help educate children and their families. In 2010, Leonor recognized a serious need in her community and prepared to help neighboring children and parents and finish the Pequeños Empresarios Owners Foundation. An organization that has remained active from that moment until now. Currently, Leonor devotes her time to her family and her work with Pequeños Empresarios where she is the chairwoman of the organization.

María Vargas

Treasurer and founder

She was born in Michoacán, México.
At the age of 17, she decided to emigrate towards United States, looking for opportunities and quality life, to overcome the poverty she was experiencing in his hometown. After going through several jobs, she will become a successful businesswoman, achieving the goal she had proposed to herself. Undoubtedly, her previosly work experience would prepare her later to face the challenges that this new life will demanded her.

Her commitment, generosity and love for children have become part of the team of Pequeños Empresarios, where María transmits her knowledge to children, like her in her childhood, could be living an unfavorable situation within her family or community.

Yesenia Hipólito


Yesenia Hipolito is the daughter of founder Leonor Hipolito
She helped build Pequenos Empresarions along side her mom after noticing the need for a program like this in the community. As a child her grandparents taught her to read and write spanish but not all kids have this advantage. As a child she noticed a lot of kids who were embarrassed to speak Spanish and she knew that knowing a second language is nothing to be ashamed on the contrary it's something to celebrate, hence her desire to work alongside her mom to create a program that educates children on the importance of being proud of their culture!

Alongside her mom, she's attended various leadership trainings and personal growth courses. In addition to Pequenos Empresarios she is a bilingual Beauty Influencer who has worked with well known brands such as Garnier, Derma E, Benefit Cosmetics, Pandora, and more. Her blog Yes Hipolito focuses on Beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Beatriz Berrocal (†)


In 1996, Beatriz “Bettina” Berrocal moved with her family to the United Stated of America, from her hometown, Buenos Aires, Argentina, looking for a brighter future. As a mother, she always thought that etiquette and good manners were essential to a child’s integral education and was always on top of her son so he would apply them at all times.

As an immigrant, she also noticed that many kids who came to the USA from Spanish-speaking countries quickly were losing interest in their native language, passing up a marvelous opportunity to become bilingual. That’s why in Pequeños Empresarios, she’s been at the forefront of promoting these two fundamental values: good manners and the proper use of the Spanish language. Aditionaly, Bettina considers family support and respect for the elderly as essential concepts for the children.

Luis Zuñiga

Secretary and Public Relations

Born in San José, California, as a former United States soldier, Luis understands the importance of working as a team for any mission to be successful. The values and morals the military instilled in him have been the foundation for his accomplishments and the reason he is passionate about what he does. After completing his enlistment with the Army, he spent 10 years working at Wells Fargo Bank, one of the largest finanacial institutions to date. There, he developed and sharpened his communicaton skills and worked his way up to management where he took on the role of becoming a mentor and “big brother” to his team.

Realizing his potential, Luis decided to pursue his American Dream of starting a business and making a difference in the community. He recognizes the impact of being billingual, having financial literacy, as well as practicing self love at an early age. Luis’ first words after learning about Pequeños Empresarios was, “I wish there would have been a program like this when I was growing up.”

Michael Rodríguez

Public Relations

Born in Madera, California.

Passionate about business for over a decade. Specializing in business startups, Michael has provided many employment for his community. Community being a top priority he saw tremendous need for children to learn all the proper etiquette and knowledge it take to be a leader and citizen. At the moment he dedicates his efforts to send to others the message of Small Businessmen with great enthusiasm and energy, and he is a firm believer in the idea: "to begin when one is young".

Jaime Olibas


Born in Nicaragua, Jaime is a speaker and writer. Among his most outstanding books are: Manual del empresario and El poder de la unidad.

Jaime is an expert in Human Development, his methods are based on Initiative Schools and diverse currents of thought, thanks to this he manages to generate the attention of his audience thus achieving an almost immediate transformation. In addition, he is a Coach and Business Advisor and leads a team with thousands of people whom he helps to achieve each of his dreams.

With a long time being a member of Pequeños Empresarios, Jaime has contributed to the organization all his experience with human, personal and business development, as well as his communication skills so that the message of the foundation can continue to reach more families.

Rosemilia Suárez


Born in Nicaragua, she works as a Pequeños Empresarios Coordinator, as well as being a volunteer for the community and a happy mother of 5 beautiful children.

Rosemilia's proactive character makes her a very special woman in the organization, with a great capacity for teamwork and excellent communication skills. Using her experience as a mother, she is always willing to help others and as a sign of this she serves the community with the purpose of supporting all the needs of the little ones. Rosemilia fervently believes in the importance of teaching family values and that by practicing good customs at home we can create a better world.

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