Our Projects & Workshops

Our workshops are intended for children ages 7 to 12. Our classes are taught in English and Spanish so children can learn a second Language.


Workshop #1. 25 hours of Leadership and Values.

Objectives: Through different games, We help the children learn to be respectful, responsible, unselfish and committed to themselves and others. Have them find their own place in their family setting and get them to explore the true value of friendship inside a peaceful environment. Help them discover their leadership skills, focusing on their goals with a positive mental attitude and developing individual and team working habits.

Workshop #2. 25 hours of Environmental Awareness.

Objectives: Through games, teach the children to care about the environment, save water and electricity and not to litter. Instruct them about reducing, reusing and recycling and motivate them to set an example for others so we can all change the environment for the better.

Workshop #3. 25 hours of Business Life and Finance.

Objectives: Get the children interested in financial education. Through games, teach them where does money come from, how to budget, how to raise money for their college fund, the difference between a business and a company and customer service. Introduce them to public speaking so they can become business leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Workshop #4. 25 hours of Manners and Nutrition.

Objectives: Teach the children about manners and their use in every setting and instruct them about the importance of greeting and saying please and thank you. Emphasize to them the importance of table etiquette such as order and hygiene. Educate them about the benefits of a healthy nutrition so they can have a proper diet and daily exercise routine.

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